Lift of

The moment is near. The moment I’ve be training for two years. The moment I take off to space.10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0.  I got lifted in to space. Strapped tight listening to Russian language I’m nervous if something is going to go wrong. I’m thinking of my family just looking at the photo I brought of my family. But as we fly through the sky the view is amazing but suddenly the bottom fell of the rocket ship. The engine stopped! We arrived! I looked out the window it was pitch black. It was amazing to be in space after training for two years.

ISS Adventure

As I entered the Soyuz space rocket I felt tense, proud and heroic. Eventually the countdown started. I was seriously panicking! When the thruster turned on the constant rumble shattered my ear drum. Suddenly the rocket took off and all I saw out the window was blurriness. I was strapped so tight I could hardly breathe! But, what I am doing is extreme, but very risky at the same time.

Eventually we were in the darkness of space! We just flew past the orbit zone and already I spotted the ISS (the International Space Station.) Weave now docked at the ISS. The six months have started in space…

By Ashton And Lennon

Daily News 2015




Today I’m standing, live, with Tim Peak, who’s going to be the first British man to set foot on the International Space Station. Tim, how do you feel about going into the International Space Station for the first time?

“Well I’m a bit nerves, I suppose”

Well Tim everyone gets nerves when they do something for the first time, do you fear something will go wrong.

“Well kinda, yes”

So everyone, tomorrow Tim is leaving in the Soyuz. That is all happening in tomorrow’s news, but one more question for Tim, what is it going to be like leaving your family and friends?

“Yes very much.”

There you have it folks, don’t forget to watch Daily News tomorrow at 11:20.


by Evie and Bethany

Blasting though space is the Soyuz

Dear diary,

As I climb up the ladder, into the Soyuz capsule, I felt nervous, very nervous about flying straight into space. Although I know I am doing this, for me! For family! For Britain! Eventually I got strapped in and then, what seemed to be ages, I started to hear the countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF! That was when stillness and calmness approached to the Soyuz. I was as brave as a tiger pouncing on its pray! Would you won’t to go on the Soyuz? Suddenly my heart started to race as fast as a cheater running through a field. I had never sat as still as I did in the Soyuz. That was a life time adventure that I would never forget.

By Ellie Minter

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Tim peake by Chloe

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                              14th December 2015

When tomorrow comes it will be time to blast into space, but I have trained for two years no pressure, but if I go through the black hole you be turned, into a piece of spaghetti, defiantly no pressure then. It is the last day of training and what is there to learn, more Russian, more uncomfortable training, more pressing new buttons. Today is a normal day, tomorrow is a blast!

I will miss my family very much, but a new life awaits me. But if something goes wrong then it will be the end, the end of my story. Now I must get to sleep as a new day awaits me. I need a good twenty four hour sleep, but there is no chance. I hope for the best when I go up into space, to learn, to experiment, to inspire. If I don’t take this opportunity I’ll pickle my walnuts.


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Space continuing M.H

I was nervous, I was scared, and I was ready to go up into space in the gigantic Soyuz. I took a big gulp as we counted down from ten to zero. Will I make up to space or not? I will keep trying for my family! As the Soyuz rumbled, shattered and crackled, I knew it was time. In the Soyuz I felt uncomfortable as I entered the rocket. I had nothing to do except sit there in peace until I reach space. I have been training for two years now and now it is time to go in to the unknown. It was mind-blowing!

Soyuz Lift off

3, 2, 1 lift off. I was as nervous as a solder going into the war. All I could hear was the radio chattering. Would anything go wrong in this Soyuz? We were up in the blue sky, nearly orbiting Earth. When we were going up I was speechless as all I could see was land and utter blackness. At the time it was raining so it made me want to go to the toilet. I would do everything right because I have been training for 2 years now. I had to use this stick to press all the Russian buttons, which did not make sense a first. However I have had to learn Russian and I am not bad at it now. That was the hardest bit so far. But then I had an idea in my head I realized that I can put it on automatic to navigate me to the International Space Station.

Tim Peake

Tim Peake

It was time! My heart was thumping as hard as a charging elephant. I was nervous and scared, all put together. I had one last glimpse of the outside world, before I entered the Soyuz space craft. Will I survive? It was count down time.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. The rocket started to shake as the engines blasted on. There was no turning back! My family, back at home, is probably worried sick of something going wrong, and me drifting off in to space. I was sure nothing would go wrong after two hard years of training. As the capsule was so small, I am feeling a bit claustrophobic. We were breaking the sound barrier going 14,000 MPH. it is incredible!

Joseph and James Soyuz lift off

Dear Diary,
As I entered the Soyuz I felt nervous, worried and excited. After I heard 10, 9, 8, the rumbling of the engines started to vibrate the Soyuz capsule. 7, 6, 5, mission control were talking calmly to us in Russian. 4, 3, 2, my hands started to sweat as the noise from outside became unbearable. 1, lift off calmness and stillness surrounded me and it was like we were not moving. When all of a sudden we surged forward out of the Earth’s orbit to space.
As I was going up I wondered how my family are doing? Although I have been training for two years, I’m not really nervous. As we were docking to the space station I felt so happy to be at the International Space Station.

Soyuz Lift Off

Dear Dairy

I’m feeling incredibly nervous, soon Mission Control will radio in, count down. “Ten, nine, eight… lift off!” Instantly the space craft A.K.A, Soyuz, began jolting about dramatically. Suddenly an eerie noise came from the fuel tank. I and my fellow comrades’ began to feel claustrophobic. At 1400 mph the rocket engine began to sound unbearable.

As we were now exiting the Earth’s atmosphere the Gantry Mechanism was nowhere to be seen! Mission Control quickly, but calmly, radioed in, to inform us about, “Their turning off automatic mode now, good luck!” I formally replied “We will do our best!” Next stop…the International Space Station. a

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